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Welcome to Ash Gray Photography. I’m a custom child and family portrait photographer serving Chatham, IL and surrounding cities. I specialize in capturing the uniqueness of your children and your family. It’s in the details, interactions, and in your history that makes your family one of a kind.

Your portraits will be natural and relaxed with a combination of lifestyle and casually posed photos. During our initial consultation I will get to know your children’s interests and what you enjoy together as a family.  The experience of photographing with me will ignite your family bond.  I make sure your session fosters communication, laughter and memories.  My outcome is not just to provide you with photos, but provide you an experience that will keep you coming back for more.

I want this experience to be enjoyable, and part of that is providing you with a full-service portrait experience. You are busy and your time is precious. I will own the process from the design consult all the way to final delivery of your products.  That way you can have more time dedicated to your family.

I spend a great deal of time on every piece that is intended for display in your home.  I will help you plan and envision your portrait in your space.  Then I will deliver exquisite products that meet my exact standards.  It’s a huge investment of time so that you can have preservation of your memories for generations to come.

When hiring me as your photographer, I want there to be a sense that you are not just buying a yearly snapshot of your family.  I want you to have a family heirloom that outlasts technological advances. Images stored on a computer or online are simply not treasured in the same way as portraits that we place on our walls. The physical, the tangible are etched into our memories far more permanently than digital files. Portraits that we see day in and day out show our kids, families and friends what we care about most in life.

I can’t wait to learn more about your family and how I can customize your next portrait experience.  Contact me by clicking the button below or call me at 303-810-2043 or via email at ashgrayphotography@yahoo.com.