Sunflower Field

A friend sent me a picture of a sunflower field.  She wanted to know if I would want to do a photo session in one.  I found one in Chambersburg, PA, but that one was about 2 hours away.  I knew there was something closer so it became our mission to find one that was local.

Her and I went out one Sunday afternoon and drove around the countryside looking for anything resembling a field of sunflowers.  We had a general idea of the direction we needed to head, but no specifics.  Although we didn’t find any sunflowers on this particular trip we did find a lake tucked way back in the forest.  It was a beautiful location that I will feature in a future blog post in the coming months.

After giving up on our search for a couple of days I decided to let my fingers to the walking.  I called various farms in the area asking if they, or someone they knew, had a sunflower field.  After about 4 calls I found the owners of this amazing field.  The lady I spoke with was more than willing to help us out.  She gave us permission to use her beautiful field for our photographs.  Although we were very late in the season we were able to capture these images in a plentiful sunflower field.  Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to participate in a photo session this year.  I owe her big time and will make sure her family is first in line next year for these sunflower sessions.

Sunflowers-everywhere   Field-sunflower-sea         Sunflower-Chair Sunflower-Dress-Little-Girl         Rows-Sunflowers-ladder


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