Polina Couture Dress

Allegheny Street Bed and Breakfast in historic Hollidaysburg, PA was the perfect backdrop for this dress.  The period pieces from the baby grand piano to the vintage couches aligned with my vision.  The floor to ceiling mirrors on each side of the room created perfect depth and showcased the ornate chandeliers.

Once these little ladies arrived it was time to get ready!  I showed them all the hair pieces they could choose from and they chose their favorites.  Then it was time to curl their hair and provide any last-minute touch ups.

When I rented the “Polina” from Anna Triant Couture I had no idea the versatility of the dress.  It was able to fit multiple girls and multiple sizes.  Each girl put on the dress and the first thing they did was twirl.  They twirled to each location and gave me their best smiles.

I want each girl that comes to my couture sessions to feel like a princess.  Seeing their smiles and hearing their giggles are some of the reasons why these are my favorite type of sessions.  I love giving families the opportunity to provide this type of experience for their little girls.

How many of us would purchase these fancy dresses?  My guess is not many of us; which is why I rent and purchase these gowns for your daughter’s enjoyment.

As we know too well time flies by too quickly.  The next thing we know they will be teenagers and they, most likely, will not want to get into these types of gowns.  So why not give them the opportunity now and give them an experience to last a lifetime?


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