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Ashley Gray

Hello! My name is Ashley Gray (“The girl behind the camera”).

These days I’m consumed with all things photography and my camera is always nearby.  I can’t walk past a family or kids without seeing them in photographs. I envision helping them capture this fleeting moment in time because this is their story and one worth remembering. My desire is to help them cherish this time because who knows how long we will be here?

I lost my dad at the young age of 60 and only weeks after he retired. He wasn’t able to meet my youngest daughter and my oldest was only a few months old when he passed. It’s in the photographs that we remember him. Those printed photos hanging on my walls (not the ones stuck on my computer) help to bring him to life for my kids. We walk past these photos every day and they smile as they ask questions about “Papa”.

I know how important these pictures are to me so my goal is to get pictures of your loved ones in your hands and displayed on your walls or shelves.


These are a few of my favorite things:

Food: Dessert! Mainly pastries, but I’m not picky.  Although, I’m not a fan of dark chocolate.  Crazy, right?!

Store: Amazon Prime – Why drag kids to the mall when you can let your fingers do the shopping?!

Drink: Coffee (just a splash of coffee with my cream and sugar, please) – Thankfully my husband’s profession is in the coffee industry, so it’s always on hand.

Season: Fall is my favorite time of year and I get giddy when I see the vibrant colors of the trees.  Plus, pumpkin spice…need I say more?

Vice: Sadly, I’m always on my phone. It’s my lovie and I always have it nearby.

Entertainment: We don’t have cable, but don’t feel sorry for us because Netflix and Hulu keep us well stocked with tv shows and movies.

Surprising Fact:  I jumped out of 2 perfectly good airplanes (yes, I’m talking about skydiving).  I’m hoping to take my next jump soon and this time with my hubby.