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I have two beautiful girls that call me mom. It is my job to make sure my girls know who they are. They need to know that they are wanted, important, and loved. Taking pictures may seem like a silly way to make that happen, but there are a few things that happen when you take a picture.

– Photographing your children shows them that you love them just the way they are. They don’t need to change their body type or look a certain way for their photograph. You want to capture their personality, quirks and all, because they are some of the most important people in your life.

– By letting your children see photos from the past and the ones from today, they become connected to their own story. You can introduce them to family members who came before them that helped to shape their world.  Self-identity is a huge player in self-confidence.

– Memories are powerful. Memories tie us to people, places, and emotions. Pictures can manifest emotions that words cannot. An image can help us reconstruct a moment in time.

There is a lot of my childhood I don’t remember. Some of the details are lost with the passage of time. But looking back through pictures of weekends spent on our boat or vacations we took as a family transports me back. I don’t want my children to forget this time in our lives, as they get older. I cherish these moments and I want them to as well. Then when they are older we can look at old photos and reminisce of days gone by.

Photographs can express what you might not be able to, but they cannot do that hiding away on your computer! You have to get them into your children’s hands! Let them look and talk to them about them!

Contact me!

Contact me!